December 1, 2022

Getting Started

Getting Started

Thank you for using Spellbook! In this guide, we’ll go over some best practices and basic usage tips.

What is Spellbook?

Spellbook is an AI tool powered by OpenAI's GPT-3, a large language model. GPT-3 has been trained on very large text datasets which include books, Wikipedia, legal language and many other parts of the Internet.

It's best to think of Spellbook as a very powerful auto-complete. It is not a lawyer but is trying to predict which text might come next based on the text it has seen before.

Its results can at times be surprisingly accurate, but they can also be surprisingly wrong.

The best way to think of Spellbook is as a muse that gives you ideas and marble to carve where you had a blank page before. Run it multiple times to get even more ideas!

Spellbook can also be used to detect mistakes and problems in your contracts. Why not have another set of eyes?

Check out our FAQs to learn more about Spellbook’s foundation and limitations.

Quick Lessons

If you’ve signed up and installed the Spellbook Word Add-In, that means you’re ready to take it for a spin. To learn how to get the most out of it, we recommend going through the following resources.

Spell Highlights
  1. Draft
  2. Explain Section
  3. Missing Clauses
  4. Review (Email Format)
Cheat Codes for Advanced Users
  1. +++ Draft Shortcut
  2. Asking Spellbook Questions

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Happy casting!

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