GPT-4o, now in Legal AI

Discover how GPT-4o transforms legal work with lightning-fast processing, up-to-date legal information, advanced error detection, and a deep understanding of legal nuances

⚡  Lightning-fast processing speed
🎯  Enhanced accuracy in legal analysis
⚖️  Deep, nuanced legal suggestions
🌐  Up-to-date legal references
🇼  Spellbook works in Word

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    "This seems like the perfect tool to find the comprehensive  clause you need for your specific circumstances. Great idea!"

    Lindsey Wareham, In-House Counsel
    "So when can I play with this thing?"

    Chris Brown,

    Trained on billions of lines of legal text, Spellbook suggests language for your contracts instantly.

    You've never seen legal AI like this before.

    Understands the World

    Spellbook doesn't just understand contracts. It has been trained on Wikipedia, books and the Internet, so that it can reference facts about the world.

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    Powered by GPT-4

    Spellbook is powered by OpenAI's GPT-4: a massive large language model providing incredible performance.

    Tuned for Legal

    Spellbook is the only GPT-4 powered tool that has been tuned for contracting & integrated with Word.

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