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Spellbook is like a junior lawyer on Annie’s team, saving up to 30% of her time.

Cyber GG
Sole Praticioner
Sydney, Australia

Spellbook helps Annie Haggar of Cyber GC save 25-30% of her time, from writing clauses to spotting missing language to training a paralegal and preventing cost overruns.

As a sole practitioner at Cyber GC, a technology and cybersecurity specialist firm, Annie Haggar relies on Spellbook as if it were a junior lawyer. She values using technology to more deeply understand technology’s implications and gain the efficiency and certainty it provides. 

Spellbook saves on drafting time and catches contract errors.

Annie uses Spellbook for about half of her legal work. From writing clauses to reviewing contracts, locating potential risks and issues, and final cross-checks, Spellbook helps save 25-30% of her time. 

Spellbook even proactively scans contracts for potential missing information. For Annie, it caught a client’s missing liability cap. “So now, we’re completely changing that client’s contracting approach,” Annie says. 

Annie also hands over tedious chores to Spellbook, such as writing summary emails to clients describing an agreement's key elements. “Wonderful features like ‘Explain it to a business person' or ‘Explain it to a five-year-old' set just the right language and tone, depending on your client. That saves me an enormous amount of time,' Annie says.

“Every time I’m working on an agreement, Spellbook is open. If Spellbook saves me two hours per year, it pays for itself. But it saves me 25-30% of my time. ” 

Annie Haggar
Sole Praticioner
Cyber GG

Confidently offer fixed fees without cost overruns.

Law firm clients seek more predictable pricing to help manage today’s economic uncertainties. Nearly half (46%) of law firms surveyed in 2023 confirmed a rise in demand for alternative fee arrangements (AFAs), while a 2024 survey shows 54% of corporate counsels expect AFAs to be part of their cost control strategies going forward. Annie's experience reflects this trend. 

Here’s how Spellbook’s quick clause generation helps Annie adhere to her quoted fixed fees while delivering exceptional client value: 

One evening, a client requested a complex, multi-part liability clause at the last minute. In the past, this could have sent Annie’s evening plans spiraling. 

This particular late clause addition could take a junior lawyer about 45 minutes to draft manually. They’d need to search for the right precedent, check with the principal attorney that it's appropriate, tailor all the language, and do all the formatting and cross-checks. Then, the principal lawyer must approve the new draft.

“With Spellbook, I simply provided the key details and limitations I wanted included,” Annie says, “and in seconds, the platform generated the draft clause. It took just 10 more minutes to refine and integrate it into the agreement. As a result, the project stayed within its original timeframe and budget.”

“Spellbook has transformed how I handle fixed-fee engagements, making them both profitable and client-friendly.”

A built-in teaching tool for paralegals and junior lawyers.

Annie also used Spellbook for paralegal training. As a one-woman show, she doesn’t have the time to teach one-on-one. Instead, she opened a contract in Word and had the paralegal use Spellbook to draft a new paragraph, run an analysis, and cross-check the work alongside her. The paralegal saw how Spellbook flags issues, highlights risks, and suggests improvements in real time.
Annie says, “It’s like having a built-in teaching tool and a much faster alternative to traditional training methods.”

“People ask if AI will replace junior lawyers. They wonder how junior lawyers will be trained. Rather than replacing junior lawyers, you can rely on Spellbook as a fast training tool.”

Spellbook writes the Australian way.

When drafting for Australian law, Spellbook does more than just look at relevant case law. It also uses the correct style, formatting, terminology, and nuances, such as avoiding excessive capital letters, which is a common practice in America.

“It's quite good at formatting and writing clauses in Australian style, not just in the terminology Australians use versus Americans, but in how we format our clauses. It has picked up on all of those nuances,” Annie says

Your legal team can draft contracts faster, smarter, and more efficiently, too. Try Spellbook for free today.

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