January 12, 2023

How I Use Spellbook: Creating Contract Summaries for Emails

How I Use Spellbook: Creating Contract Summaries for Emails

A core service I provide to clients is providing summaries of contracts, including unusual terms, points to negotiate, and the like. Although I’ve been doing this for many years, I find it helpful to use artificial intelligence (AI), and I’ve found Rally’s Spellbook software incredibly useful. I wish I had this software when I was a new lawyer because I know it could have provided great assistance to learning how to quickly find important legal terms in a contract.

Spellbook includes many spells, but I’ve found the Missing Clauses and Review (Email Format to be most useful when trying to create an email summary for my client. Check out the video to see these in action.

Missing Clauses

The Missing Clauses spell does exactly what you’d expect. It provides you with a list of clauses the AI thinks should be in the agreement but are missing.

Review (Email Format)

After running the spell above and noting the results, I can use the Review spell to create a quick outline of an email I might send to my client. I often run the spell multiple times to find the best fit, and sometimes will use results from different runs to create one final outline. From there, it is easy to edit the draft as needed, including adding additional context around the missing clauses as appropriate.

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