Robust, Multi-Layered Security


Best in class cloud providers

Frontend HTML and JavaScript files are served from AWS S3, replicated globally from Amazon’s data centres. Backend servers are in AWS ECS in the ca-central-1 data centre.

Encryption you
can rest your case on

Spellbook captures text from the document and sends it in an encrypted format via HTTPS to our backend servers where it is analyzed (not stored). The encrypted text is then sent to our LLM providers for processing. The model then returns the inference/result to our backend servers which then forwards the response to Spellbook.

Data that’s never sold to third parties

Spellbook has explicit agreements with our LLM providers forbidding them from using any data for training purposes.
Trust Centre

Spellbook is built on your client’s trust

The frontend HTML and JavaScript files are served from AWS S3 which is replicated all around the world at Amazon’s data centers.
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Our robust security system sits on the leading AI product for lawyers.

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Microsoft Word Add On

Spellbook is an add-in for Word and has passed Microsoft’s assessment process. It can be installed via the Microsoft add-in store, AppSource.

Trusted by Experts

More than 1,600 law firms use Spellbook today and the team behind it has been building secure software for the legal industry for over 6 years.


Spellbook leverages the SSO and MFA built into Microsoft Word. Users logged in with a Microsoft 365 account will be authenticated to use Spellbook.