January 12, 2023

How I Use Spellbook: Drafting Contract Provisions

Chris Brown
How I Use Spellbook: Drafting Contract Provisions

As a transactional lawyer I spend a lot of time drafting and editing contracts. Even with over a decade of experience, I often need to create language on the fly, and I’ve discovered how to use Spellbook to improve my productivity and work product.

One of my favorite Spellbook spells is the drafting feature and I’d like to give you a couple examples here of how this feature helps me in my practice.

Drafting Intellectual Property Provisions

Like many lawyers, I have provisions which I reuse across multiple contracts and in my own template library. But sometimes I need to quickly change the provision and Spellbook is incredibly useful in this regard. In the video below, you’ll see how I quickly addressed a change in the deal points. My original language said the creator would assign their work product to the client. However, in this situation, the creator needed to retain ownership and provide the client with a license to use the works.

I gave Spellbook some quick direction using plain language (no code required) and the software drafted a provision that was directly on point, addressed my needs, and used typical legal language around the scope of the license. It was incredible.

Adding “Boilerplate” to a Letter Agreement

A common request I get from clients is to review a letter which they would like to use as the basis of an agreement. While I might prefer to convert it into a formal agreement, sometimes that just isn’t the right approach for the situation. To mitigate risks, I will sometimes just add legal protections to the client-drafted letter. 

In the video you can see how I used Spellbook to add “boilerplate” language to the letter. I could have copied and pasted this from somewhere else, but it was more productive to just use Spellbook. Moreover, Spellbook automatically adjusted the language to align with the rest of the language in the letter. 

I also used Spellbook’s shortcut for drafting new language. As you can see, I typed +++ after the provision. This is a quick and easy way to obtain new language to use in your contract.

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