June 26, 2023

Press Release: Spellbook is Now Free for Law Schools

Scott Stevenson
Press Release: Spellbook is Now Free for Law Schools

Spellbook’s AI Access Program for law schools aims to empower students with Assistive AI technology, enhancing their education and preparing them for an increasingly AI-driven workforce

Spellbook, the AI copilot for lawyers, today announced the launch of a free educational AI access program open to all law school faculty and students globally. This program will enable law schools to pioneer the implementation of AI into legal coursework, enhance students’ legal education and prepare them for the integration of AI in the broader legal industry. Today, law students, faculty and administrators can sign up on Spellbook’s For Law Schools page.

“I see great potential for students to benefit from generative AI and am excited to have access to Spellbook for two of my transactional drafting classes this September,” said Jim Farrington, Professor at University of Notre Dame. As educators, it's important to expose our students to technologies that will be a part of their futures." 

Spellbook leverages OpenAI’s GPT-4 and other large language models for an assistive AI solution that enables legal practitioners to draft and review contracts up to four times faster. By instructing students on how to effectively utilize this tool to enhance their efficiency in handling mundane tasks, educators can optimize their time for meaningful activities such as idea exchanges, collaboration and discussions that foster critical thinking.

"Spellbook is the best law-trained AI available, making it an invaluable asset for my first-ever Scalia Law AI-based Legal Scholarly Writing class,” said J.W. Verret, Associate Professor of Law at Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University. “This technology will provide immense benefits to my students––some of the brightest legal minds of our next generation, including those who have previously garnered accolades for their legal writing through law review publications and prestigious awards.” 

“The widespread accessibility of generative AI presents an exceptional chance for educators and students to embrace AI integration and develop responsible proficiency in emerging technologies within the classroom,” said Scott Stevenson, CEO and co-founder of Spellbook. “Through complimentary access to our AI software, Spellbook empowers aspiring lawyers with indispensable tools that augment their regular coursework. As the legal industry rapidly embraces AI, our mission is to democratize early access to cutting-edge resources.”

Spellbook will be working directly with teachers to roll out its AI technology responsibly, including providing free training/demonstrations and curriculums. With the classroom integration, students will have the opportunity to learn legal writing and contract drafting at an accelerated pace, utilize the technology as a tutor to point out the types of issues lawyers look out for, and receive immediate answers about any questions within a legal document. 

“Assistive AI would have greatly enhanced my educational experience during my tenure as a law student,” said Daniel Di Maria, co-founder and COO of Spellbook. “The assimilation of technologies like AI into our curriculum would have undoubtedly equipped me and my peers with a distinct advantage when searching for work post-graduation. By embracing AI in the classroom, we are arming students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the dynamic landscape of today’s legal industry.”

Spellbook already has educators at six law schools enrolled, including University of Notre Dame, Arizona State University, George Mason University and Newcastle University in Australia, with faculty incorporating the technology directly into curriculums. Universities have expressed interest in implementing Spellbook into a range of courses such as Transactional Law, Legal Writing, Contracts and more. 

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