Sample Clauses

Compliance with Laws

Requires the parties to adhere to all applicable laws and regulations in the performance of the contract.

Drafting Tips

Ensure the clause covers all relevant legal and regulatory requirements. Specify who is responsible for compliance and address any sector-specific regulations.
Sample Clauses
Source Limited Liability Company Agreement [TIMBERLINE RESOURCES CORP]
(2020-01-10) - DE - Gold and Silver Ores

The Management Committee shall (i) apply for all necessary Permits, (ii) comply with applicable Laws, (iii) promptly provide notice to the Management Committee of any allegations of a material violation of Laws, and (iv) prepare and file all reports or notices required by any Governmental Authority for Operations. The Management Committee shall timely cure or dispose of any violation of Laws through performance, or payment of fines and penalties, or both, the cost of which shall be charged to the Business Account.
Source Share Purchase Agreement [HIGH TIDE INC.]
(2021-03-22) - Z4 - Retail-Retail Stores, NEC

All outstanding securities of the Buyer have been issued in material compliance with all applicable Laws, including Securities Laws.
Source Merger Agreement [VENCOR INC]
(2017-12-21) - DE - Services-Nursing & Personal Care Facilities

nor, to the Knowledge of the Company, has any Governmental Entity issued any written communication, including, without limitation, any subpoena or investigative demand, stating that the Company or any of its Subsidiaries is not in compliance with any Law, including any Health Care Regulatory Law, Orders, or CIAs, in each case other than surveys or audits conducted in the ordinary course of business;
Source Purchase Agreement [CONTANGO ORE, INC.]
(2020-09-30) - DE - Gold and Silver Ores

the current uses of and the conduct of the business of the Company on the State Claims and the Leased Real Property comply in all material respects with all applicable Laws, including Laws in respect of any zoning and other regulations affecting the State Claims and the Leased Real Property
Source Purchase Agreement [CONTANGO ORE, INC.]
(2020-09-30) - DE - Gold and Silver Ores

The Company is, and has at all times since January 8, 2015 been, in material compliance with all Laws applicable to the Company or its assets, properties, businesses or operations, and no written notices have been received by Seller or the Company alleging a material violation of any such Laws. There are no outstanding fines imposed on the Company by any Governmental Authority, and to the Knowledge of Seller no such fines by any Governmental Authority are pending or threatened.
Source Software License, Customization and Maintenance Agreement [CARDLYTICS, INC.]
(2018-01-12) - DE - Services-Computer Programming, Data Processing, Etc.

Supplier shall, and shall be responsible for ensuring that Supplier's Representatives and Subcontractors shall, perform all obligations of Supplier under this Agreement in compliance with all laws, rules, regulations and other legal requirements.
Source Amendment to Note Purchase Agreement [SOVRAN SELF STORAGE INC]
(2018-02-27) - MD - Real Estate Investment Trusts

The parties shall not take any action that would cause them to be in violation of any law, decree, ruling, or regulation of any court, arbitrator, or Governmental Authority applicable to them.
Source Lease Agreement [10X GENOMICS, INC.]
(2019-08-19) - DE - Laboratory Analytical Instruments

All non-capital costs to comply with the requirements of any Laws.
Source Share Option and Incentive Plan [ABCELLERA BIOLOGICS INC.]
(2020-12-07) - A1 - Pharmaceutical Preparations

The Administrator may take any action necessary or advisable to obtain approval or comply with any local governmental regulatory exemptions or approvals. However, no actions shall be taken or Awards granted that would violate the Exchange Act or any other applicable United States securities law, the Code, or any other applicable United States governing statute or law.
Source Termination Agreement [4FRONT VENTURES CORP.]
(2021-04-07) - Medicinal Chemicals & Botanical Products

as the laws, rules and regulations of any other governmental or quasi-governmental authority, agency, or entity having jurisdiction with respect thereto, except with respect to federal laws regarding the manufacture, possession, sale or distribution of cannabis.
Source Distribution Agreement [ACLARIS THERAPEUTICS, INC.]
(2018-08-03) - DE - Pharmaceutical Preparations

Distributor shall comply with all Applicable Laws related to the performance of the Services, including those regarding the marketing, sale, or distribution of the Products.
Source Commercial Lease Agreement [AEROGROW INTERNATIONAL, INC.]
(2019-06-25) - NV - Retail-Building Materials, Hardware, Garden Supply

Tenant covenants and agrees that at all times during the Lease Term, Tenant's use of the Premises shall be in compliance with all zoning, land use and other applicable laws, rules and regulations with respect thereto, and that nothing shall be done or kept on the Property in violation of any law, ordinance, order, rule or regulation of any governmental authority having jurisdiction, and that the Property shall be used, kept and maintained in compliance with any such law, ordinance, order, rule or regulation and with the certificate of occupancy issued for the Building.
Source Office Lease Amendment [AIRBNB, INC.]
(2020-11-16) - DE - Services-To Dwellings & Other Buildings

Tenant shall not do anything or suffer anything to be done in the Premises which will in any way conflict with any federal, state, and local laws, ordinances, rules and regulations, court orders, governmental directives, governmental orders and interpretations of the foregoing ("Laws") now in force or which may hereafter be enacted or promulgated. At its sole cost and expense, Tenant shall promptly comply with all such Laws relating to Tenant's use, occupancy, improvement, repair or Alteration of the Premises, including with regard to the Specialized Uses; provided that Tenant shall not be required to make structural changes to the Building, or changes to the Base Building Improvements or Building Systems in order to comply with Laws, unless required due to Tenant's particular use of the Premises (including, without limitation, Tenant's particular use of the Premises for the Specialized Uses) as opposed to office use in general.
Source Form 10-K [AMYRIS, INC.]
(2018-04-17) - DE - Industrial Organic Chemicals

compliance with United States and foreign laws that regulate the conduct of business abroad
Source Commercial Lease Agreement [ASV HOLDINGS, INC.]
(2017-03-24) - DE - Construction Machinery & Equip

The Service Provider shall provide the Services in accordance in all material respects with all applicable Laws. The Service Provider shall not be obligated to provide, or cause to be provided, any Service if the provision of such Service would require it or any of its employees, agents or representatives to violate any applicable Law.
Source Merger Agreement [BAY BANKS OF VIRGINIA INC]
(2020-08-14) - VA - State Commercial Banks

(iv) Except as set forth in Section 3.3(o)(iv) of its Disclosure Letter, all Benefit Plans and any related trusts are in compliance in all material respects with applicable laws and regulations, and each Benefit Plan has been maintained, operated and administered in accordance with its terms and any related documents or agreements, and in material compliance with the provisions of ERISA, the Code and other applicable laws and regulations.
Source Equity Contribution Agreement [BLOOM ENERGY CORP]
(2016-08-12) - DE - Electrical Industrial Apparatus

The Contributor shall comply with all applicable Governmental Rules, except where the failure to so comply could not reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect.
(2018-08-08) - DE - Pharmaceutical Preparations

the Tenant and the Tenant's employees, other agents and Guests shall comply with all Federal, state and local statutes, ordinances, rules, regulations and orders as they pertain to the Tenant's use and occupancy of the Leased Premises, to the conduct of the Tenant's business and to the use of the Common Facilities, except that this subsection shall not require the Tenant to make any structural or other changes that may be required thereby that are generally applicable to the Building or Common Facilities as a whole, or to changes required based on laws in effect prior to the Commencement Date;
Source Master Services Agreement [ACCOLADE, INC.]
(2021-04-01) - DE - Services-Business Services, NEC

Vendor shall comply with all applicable federal, state, county, and local laws, orders, rules, ordinances, regulations, and codes, including without limitation Vendor's obligations as an employer regarding the health, safety and payment of its employees. Vendor's compliance shall also include identifying and procuring the required permits, certificates, approvals, and inspections in Vendor's performance under this Agreement. In addition, Vendor certifies and represents its compliance with the federal laws set forth in Exhibit B, to the extent applicable. Vendor will promptly notify Customer of any change of status with regard to these certifications and representations. These certifications and representations are material statements of fact upon which Customer has relied with respect to this Agreement.
Source Distribution Agreement [ACLARIS THERAPEUTICS, INC.]
(2018-08-03) - DE - Pharmaceutical Preparations

Neither the execution nor delivery by it of this Agreement, nor the performance by it of its obligations hereunder conflicts with, violates or results in a breach of any Applicable Laws, or conflicts with, violates or results in a breach of any term or condition of any order, judgment or decree or any agreement or instrument to which it is a party or by which it or any of its properties or assets are bound, or constitutes a default thereunder;
Source Loan Agreement [ACREAGE HOLDINGS, INC.]
(2020-06-22) - A1 - Retail-Miscellaneous Retail

The Borrower is in compliance with all applicable Laws where the failure to be so could reasonably be expected to result in a Material Adverse Change.