Sample Clauses

Reporting Requirements

Obligates one or both parties to provide regular reports on various aspects of their performance under the contract.

Drafting Tips

Outline the frequency, format, and content of required reports from one party to the other.
Sample Clauses
Source Material Change Report [AURORA CANNABIS INC]
(2018-10-05) - A1 - Medicinal Chemicals & Botanical Products

If required by applicable securities legislation, regulatory policy or order or by any securities commission, stock exchange or other regulatory authority, it will execute, deliver and file and otherwise assist the Corporation in filing reports, questionnaires, undertakings and other documents with respect to the issuance of the Debentures or the Common Shares.
Source Initial Public Offering (IPO) Registration [BIOVENTUS INC.]
(2021-01-20) - DE - Surgical & Medical Instruments & Apparatus

We are also required to timely file various reports with regulatory agencies. If these reports are not timely filed, regulators may impose sanctions and sales of our products may suffer, and we may be subject to product liability or regulatory enforcement actions, all of which could harm our business.
(2017-04-28) - VA - Services-Business Services, NEC

Upon completion of this offering, we will be a reporting company in the United States. As a reporting company, we will be required to file periodic reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission upon the occurrence of matters that are material to our company and shareholders. In some cases, we will need to disclose material agreements or results of financial operations that we would not be required to disclose if we were a private company. Our competitors may have access to this information, which would otherwise be confidential. This may give them advantages in competing with our company. Similarly, as a U.S.-listed public company, we will be governed by U.S. laws that our competitors, which are mostly private Chinese companies, are not required to follow. To the extent compliance with U.S. laws increases our expenses or decreases our competitiveness against such companies, our public listing could affect our results of operations.
Source Agreement and Plan of Merger [CINCINNATI BELL INC]
(2020-03-02) - OH - Telephone Communications (No Radiotelephone)

None of the Company Subsidiaries is, or has at any time since January 1, 2019 been, subject to the reporting requirements of Section 13(a) or 15(d) of the Exchange Act
Source Mortgage, Assignment of Leases and Rents, and Security Agreement [CLIPPER REALTY INC.]
(2020-05-11) - MD - Real Estate Investment Trusts

Borrower will immediately notify Lender if (1) any claim, including any attachment, levy, execution or other legal process, is made against any or all of the Property, or (2) any representation and warranty included in this Mortgage would no longer be true if made on such date. Borrower will furnish to Lender from time to time statements and schedules further identifying and describing the Property and such other reports in connection with such Property as Lender may request, all in detail as reasonably required by Lender.
Source Registration Statement (Form S-4) [CORPUS CHRISTI PIPELINE GP, LLC]
(2017-01-05) - DE - Natural Gas Distribution

If CCH becomes subject to the reporting requirements of Section 13 or 15(d) of the Exchange Act, then CCH will file with the Indenture Trustee, within 15 days after CCH files them with the SEC, copies of its annual reports and of
Source Credit and Security Agreement [CPS TECHNOLOGIES CORP/DE/]
(2021-03-17) - MA - Pottery & Related Products

So long as the Indebtedness shall remain unpaid, or the Credit Facility shall remain outstanding, the Borrower will comply with the following requirements, unless the Lender shall otherwise consent in writing:
(2019-10-04) -

The following table summarizes some of the reporting requirements. Reporting requirements in other types of securities may be confirmed with the Chief Compliance Officer. Security Type Quarterly Reporting Corporate Debt Transactions Yes Equity Transactions Yes Government Bond No Money Market Funds (affiliated and non-affiliated) No Municipal Bond Yes Short Term / Cash Equivalents No SPP / DRIPS* -- automatic purchases No US Treasury / Agencies No Non-affiliated open-end investment companies No Affiliated Funds Yes (other than money market funds) [Company.Name] Private Funds Yes Exchange Traded Funds Yes Crytocurrency Yes * Sales of stocks from SPP or DRIPs: Please notify Compliance in writing of sale and include transactions in any reports.
Source Equity Contribution Agreement [BLOOM ENERGY CORP]
(2016-11-03) - DE - Electrical Industrial Apparatus

As a result of this offering, we will become subject to the information and reporting requirements of the Exchange Act, and, in accordance with this law, will file periodic reports, proxy statements, and other information with the SEC. These periodic reports, proxy statements, and other information will be available for inspection and copying at the SEC's public reference facilities and the website of the SEC referred to above. We also maintain a website at Upon the completion of this offering, you may access these materials free of charge as soon as reasonably practicable after they are electronically filed with, or furnished to, the SEC. Information contained on our website is not a part of this prospectus and the inclusion of our website address in this prospectus is an inactive textual reference only.
Source Indenture Agreement [CPG NEWCO LLC]
(2019-08-06) - DE - Plastics Products, NEC

The Issuer is not required to comply with the reporting requirements of the Exchange Act.
Source Securities Registration Statement (Form SF-3) [EFCAR, LLC]
(2016-08-30) - DE - Asset-Backed Securities

will file for the issuing entity for so long as the issuing entity is subject to the reporting requirements of the Exchange Act.
Source Guaranty Agreement [FARMLAND PARTNERS INC.]
(2016-05-10) - MD - Real Estate Investment Trusts

Promptly (and no later than 30 days) after requested by Lender, Guarantor shall furnish or cause to be furnished to Lender, a balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows, a copy of Guarantor's Federal and State income tax return, and all other books, records, financial statements, tax returns, lists of property and accounts, budgets, forecasts, reports, and other information pertaining to the condition or operations of Guarantor requested by Lender. If requested by Lender, any report, record, statements, lists, reports and other information required under this Section 12(c) must be certified to Lender by an Authorized Representative of Guarantor as being true, accurate and complete. Notwithstanding the foregoing terms of this Section 12(c), with respect to any Guarantor financial reporting required under SEC or US Treasury rules applicable to Guarantor, such reporting will not be required to be delivered prior to the time required by such SEC rules or US Treasury rules.
Source Open-End Mortgage, Assignment of Leases and Rents, and Security Agreement [INDUS REALTY TRUST, INC.]
(2017-02-10) - MD - Real Estate

Mortgagor agrees to promptly notify Mortgagee of any insolvency or bankruptcy filing by Mortgagor or any guarantor, general partner, or limited partner of Mortgagor.
Source Registration Statement - Form S-1 [JELD-WEN HOLDING, INC.]
(2017-05-15) - DE - Millwood, Veneer, Plywood, & Structural Wood Members

The Company, during the Prospectus Delivery Period, will file all documents required to be filed with the Commission pursuant to the 1934 Act within the time periods required by the 1934 Act and 1934 Act Regulations.
Source Code of Ethics [JNL SERIES TRUST]
(2018-12-17) - MA -

You will be required to certify your receipt of this Code. On a quarterly basis you must certify that any personal investments effected during the quarter were done in compliance with this Code. You will also be required to certify your ongoing compliance with this Code on a quarterly basis. Required certifications must be completed within 30 calendar days following the end of the quarter.
Source Code of Ethics [JOHN HANCOCK FUNDS II]
(2016-12-27) - MA -

All Personal Securities Transactions by Employees must be reported under the Code with a few limited exceptions set forth below. The following Personal Securities Transactions are exempt from the reporting requirements: a. Transactions that are exempt from the preclearance and approval requirement as provided in Sections III.C.2 and III.C.3 of the Code (i.e., Exempt Reportable Transactions and Exempt Transactions as defined below). b. Transactions in cash-equivalent ETFs provided permission is obtained from Compliance in advance. c. Transactions in which the gains to be disgorged pursuant to the 30 Calendar Day Rule amount to less than $25.
Source Merger Agreement [JUBILEE4 GOLD, INC.]
(2020-10-19) - DE - Services-Detective, Guard & Armored Car Services

None of the Company Subsidiaries are, or have at any time since January 1, 2017, been, subject to the reporting requirements of Section 13(a) or 15(d) of
Source Lease Renewal Agreement [JUMP WORLD HOLDINGS LTD]
(2018-07-18) - F4 - Services-Computer Programming, Data Processing, Etc.

As a domestic public company, we are required to comply with the reporting requirements set forth by the Exchange Act. However, there are certain exemptions and differences in the level of disclosure compared to domestic public companies. For interim reporting, we may comply solely with our home country requirements, which are less rigorous. Additionally, we are exempt from provisions of Regulation FD, which prevents selective disclosures of material information. We are also not required to comply with the sections of the Exchange Act regulating the solicitation of proxies, consents, or authorizations. Furthermore, we are not required to comply with Section 16 of the Exchange Act, which requires insiders to file public reports of their share ownership and trading activities.
Source Master Services Agreement [LEVI STRAUSS & CO]
(2018-12-06) - DE - Apparel & Other Finishd Prods of Fabrics & Similar Matl

Supplier shall provide to LS&Co. the reports, data feeds and data files described in this Exhibit and any other reports identified in the Agreement. In addition, Supplier shall provide such other reports as are reasonably requested by LS&Co. from time to time. All reports shall be LS&Co. Data. Supplier will as soon as reasonably practical provide LS&Co. with information about, and answer LS&Co.'s questions in respect of, the Services and other aspects of the Agreement, as LS&Co. may request from time to time.
Source Annual Report (Form 10-K) [MARIJUANA CO OF AMERICA, INC.]
(2018-04-17) - UT - Medicinal Chemicals & Botanical Products

As a public company, we are subject to the reporting requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, and parts of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. We expect that the requirements of these rules and regulations will continue to increase our legal, accounting and financial compliance costs, make some activities more difficult, time-consuming and costly, and place significant strain on our personnel, systems and resources.
(2018-01-31) - MA -